Wooten Enterprises was started with two things in mind. Deliver high quality, long-lasting restaurant décor and give the Pizza Hut franchisees exactly what they have always wanted in their stores. We feel like we have accomplished these goals. Wooten Enterprises specializes in custom wood working. Because we manufacture everything that we sell it gives us the opportunity to make any changes that may be needed. We are able to make your booths and tables wider to accommodate your existing lighting, saving the customer money. We also make our booths of plywood with only the best hardwoods in all the high wear areas. We are not interested in getting into the replacement part business. We would much rather make a booth that is more like fine furniture that you will be proud to own for many years. We are a small family owned business that was founded on word of mouth. We have gotten much more than we bargained for. We have made not only great customers but also great friends along the way. Wooten Enterprises would like to thank each and every one of you for the opportunity to supply your stores with the finest decor.

Your friends at Wooten Enterprises!!

We specialize in décor that will last for years to come. We strive to be the best. Wooten Enterprises has several employees with over 20 years of making restaurant décor. Our craftsmanship is untouchable. Our booths are made of only the finest hard woods. Wooten booths are made like fine furniture. The shell of our booth is made of quality Plywood, not Particleboard. We design our booths with longevity in mind. Wood is used in all of the high wear areas. Our booth cushions are all standard sizes and are simple to replace. We also make wood edge tables. Because we manufacture all of our tables, we are able offer any size you might desire. We also specialize in salad bars and buffets, all made of hard woods and pre-wired- ready to be installed. We also supply additional auality items such as hostess stands, signage, chairs, front counters and cabinets, table bases, cantilevers, menu holders, shutters etc. !